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high school ghost

when I was in high school my Astronomy teacher dated my mom
he also shot and killed himself a quarter-mile from our home
he left a message on her work voicemail so that she wouldn’t recieve it ’til Monday
he blamed her
I heard the news, in first period: math
I was the one to tell my mom
crying into my cell phone on the floor in the corner of a bathroom stall
she came to the school and we cried together in the principal’s office
where there was a rubber chicken hanging in a noose above our heads
someone removed it promptly
my best friend was called out of class on the intercom
the three of us went to my house and watched movies for the rest of the day
none of the students liked him
they made fun of me when him and my mom were seeing eachother
they made fun of him shooting himself
he was pretty nice to me
the school had me meet with a counselor
and I was allowed to skip Astronomy from then on
which I did, even though I had liked it
I was assured I would recieve a passing grade in all of my classes no matter what
so I slacked more than usual
but it didn’t matter because eventually I dropped out

I frequently think I see him around town
but of course, upon second glance it’s not him

I don’t know why I wanted to write about this.