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a marvelous crescent

the moon is delicate tonight
a falling, drifting petal
things are not bathed by the moon
the moon is bathing in sky

cityfolk can be so fearful
that they may never know
what it means to view the stars
without their own light

tonight the moon
is a marvelous crescent
laid in full cradle
I hold it

cityfolk have a hidden softness
a lush and undulating
microcosm of precious verdure
more than veiled
they hide so deep
I want to find it

their cunts are vibrant milky crescents
intoxicatingly succulent
salty sweet and savory
illuminating our bodies
their scent dilating my core

the moon is so gorgeous tonight
in a clear winter sky
with only the stars to keep her company
she can finally think
she can finally fill herself out