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let’s get coffee

they don’t get all-night diner coffee here
the bottomless cups and intimate conversations
people here go out
have fun
and it is fun
but life hasn’t been playing in that slow beautiful way
that dark winters in alaska have
waiting for the car to warm up
holes in knitted things
shaking snow from everything
sopping bottoms of pants
cold, everything so goddamn cold
but you get through the door and blood rushes back into your face
in that same moment you see a love at the booth in the corner
we talked until we were delirious
i wonder what’s the most cups of coffee i have drank in one night?
sometimes we didn’t sleep
experimenting with our personal limits
going to class, to work
those yellow placemats were comforting
a stage where i would express the hidden parts of me
with whoever sat opposite
i fell in love over and over with good friends
bathing in eachother’s words, shared experiences
looking in every nook and cranny to find enough change for
the dollar cup of coffee
and two-fifty worth of gas it was going to take to drive there
we could do anything we wanted
just as long as we could get the gas money
and we were going to get out, someday
that one time on the way to the diner
when we slammed on the breaks
and slid completely through an intersection
in slow motion

we were happy
we weren’t happy
but we were happy

life’s not like that here
this city is full and loves are busy
we don’t wait for the car to warm up
we don’t scrape the windows
we don’t shake the snow off
our film doesn’t freeze
it’s not dark when we wake up
tires don’t crunch on snow when i pull into their driveways
we don’t fall down and laugh until we can get up
we don’t walk our dogs through silent frozen forests

i can’t remember the last time i saw a sunset
christmas lights look out of season
it’s never quiet like
snow quiet
here, let’s get coffee
is an absurd suggestion at two in the morning.