Monthly Archives: July 2010

heaven is hotter than hell

the texture of a dirt-smeared gauzy skirt
and wind
wind blowing Juliette’s static hair
and bumps on my skin
sitting shoulder to shoulder with Mitch
on the dog bed eating his late dinner
lets walk down to the beach
I’m so high on life
this is amazing
the environment or the calculator watch?
tandum mountain bike
purple stripes on the brown ducks
kittens crying
lovers whispering on the balcony
laundry flapping
joking about thongs
old man peeing off the deck
Maria’s husband bathing in the wooden barrel
Eve is 8 and married to a woman
but she has a boyfriend
and two ex husbands
the hugging/touching/cuddling
father rolling on the ground kissing his sleepy son
the young women perked in a half moon
around the tall boy from michigan
Bernardo in from berlin
is saying something about the beautiful blonde boy
it’s ok to curse in front of the children
we don’t segregate by age
learn at your own pace
the children are so well-spoken
the hedgehog is a big hit
everyone has jars of tea
blue corn is chewy, satisfying
I want to marry Mitch and raise children together
I want to hold his hand while we walk through the woods to the garden
but don’t
wash the turnips in the grass to leave the b12
rich two year human waste compost
bouncing on the trampoline
feeling like a kid
letting go
how rare it is to let go
smiling the whole day
rolling through the mountains
they refused to smile on camera
Mitch unbottoned his shirt to twirl like a ballerina
Matthew did flips for my camera
Noisy Pig on the commune
the tipis are awesome
but what about bears
the children gave us after dinner names
Diamond, Robin Hood, Lupin, Shorty, Julia, Mickey, DJ, The Dude
Diamond doesn’t want her picture taken
I won’t be able to write about this