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I’ll still be using this blog to post my writing. But see what I’m up to here:




this is exactly what I love:

early mist, morning in the woods
nothing in particular to do but float in solitude,
thinking fondly of loved ones
and the sacred distance from and between them.

Kote chewing tall grass
curious peacocks and one-footed hens
startled doves, and no feathers on the ground
tiny pink and white spring petals where I expected them
mosses and lichens, green on the side of everything
collecting lilac and cedar bows,
a care-filled gesture
bundled and wrapped tight and loosely
in cottons, wools, and silk
hole in the boot as usual
and carrying Sofia’s scent of some fire
her smell of knowledge
tinctures and drinking and dancing
she knows all the plants of the Pacific Northwest
our home, our evergreen.


I’ve made the decision to stop making commitments without careful consideration to how it will effect my personal well being. It is one part terrifying to seven parts pure elation.


rav·en·ous [ rávvənəss ]  
hungry: extremely hungry
greedy for something: greedy for something, especially for the gratification of wants or desires
predatory: voracious and predatory


I have decided to accept that life is just going to be a series of portions.

apologies for the orange paper

poor orange,
weird and misplaced

yellow, quieter
gentler, bright
innocent and polite

not like green
bold, fantastic, everything
all the patterns in life

red, my god
hell, sex and hunger
blissful heat, passion and fire

and blue
the big
that’s it

hey brown
murky, muddy
dirt and wood

there’s grey
all slate and industry
exaulting, cities
lonely and beautiful

white, bright light
cotton, wind and lace

and black

(ohwoops, purple. how we always seem to forget you)


cotton fold
pencil mark
brush stroke
hair curl
hip bend
page turn
coffee stain