27 haiku

Last week I wrote and sent 27 valentines. Inside each of them was a personalized haiku.


what’re you afraid of?
think of you watching planes land,
and still want a date.

it’s the way you walk,
hands in pocket, attitude,
like me of you, proud.

remember that time,
you kissed me through the window?
yeah, that was hot.

I know you hate love
this is not a valentine,
’cause the paper’s black.

you, soft and simple
a not so stealth apple thief
bones fused, strong, steady.

so what if you’re gay?
I would still sit on your face,
if you asked me to.

I miss your warm chest,
a place to curl, and yet,
I’m happy you’re well.

tiny little tulip
spry, even-paced and lovely,
not so secret bitch.

revealed your grey
so proud of your graceful strength
love you more than words.

sweet and gentle man,
wish for you soft fur of dog
snow white, with black nose.

such lovely ladies
miss those Betty Davis eyes
come visit some time.

midnight doughnut fight
with you turning vegetable
and love you always.

hot honey hearts,
we let each other under
our precious gold manes.

loved you for your mind,
even more your tender heart
but you still a bitch.

my O. G. lady,
ink-stained apron, golden braids,
and deep whale clicks.

solid foundation,
hope you know that I love you,
miss and cherish you.

glowing like glitter,
your enormous loving heart
no haiku could hold.

how can you leave me?
thousand years I will suffer
without your cute butt.

long grounded fingers,
showing me the light inside
how can I repay?

I hate the way you drive,
but love your sweet face
so it evens out.

I love you so much,
what would I do without you?
I mean, no homo.

not many like you,
a sun in this frigid North,
please don’t ever stop.

your voice ecstasy,
wild stallion on stage
show me your package?

lovely, fat and hot
give us clothes to shake it in,
and love ourselves more.

you, lion tamer
amazing sense of humor,
miss our morning laughs.

lovely precious cub,
I am not longer afraid
to say I love you.

it’s getting warmer
summer comes first in Fairbanks,
I’d let you come first.


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