dog fight

I was recently asked to tell about my most memorable scar.
It was supposed to be light-hearted ice-breaker
you know, tell a funny or daring story to reveal something interesting about yourself.

I thought of telling them about that time you were too rough.
That time when you were on top of me calling me a slut,
pulling my hair and not listening or letting up
when I told you my leg was caught in the couch.
See, it had slid into that space
between the back of the couch and the seat,
and there was this rough wood there
and every time that you thrust into me
my leg rubbed against that jagged piece of wood.
And I don’t think I cried at the time
but I was bleeding when you came on my body.
And I paid for your cab home because it was snowing when you left.
And I think about that scar on my leg when I see you
and you ask me how I am.

I thought of telling them about that scar.
but I decided to tell them about this time I got bit breaking up a dog fight.
Because I didn’t want them to know I was weak.


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