diamond tooth

remember how we met?
do you remember that first night when you made me feel like I was the only person in the room.
like I was special.
I can’t quite remember the first time we had sex.
but I remember flowers at work.
I remember tiny gifts and new ideologies.
I remember hand-rolled cigarettes and moon-lit serenades.
books, records, asparagus, bikes
all that stuff that love is made of.
I remember you looking deep into my eyes and kissing me slow.
I forgot that you had a girlfriend.
I forgot that you kept me a secret.
I forgot that you would call me to give you head on your lunch break.
I forgot that you had sex with other young girls at the same time.
I forgot that you were thirteen years older then me.
I forgot that you called me your niece as a joke.
I forgot that we didn’t use protection.
I forgot that you pressured me to get high.
I forgot that you paid me to do your housework.
I forgot that you stalked women.
I forgot that you got some other girl pregnant.
I forgot that you encouraged me to fuck your friends.
I forgot that you stalked me when I was with other people.
I forgot that you fed girls drugs, convinced them to have sex with us.
I forgot that you fucked me too hard.
I forgot that one time you choked me.

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