this week, tiny things
important things
slow and whimsical days
empty pockets
learning to bend
but learning how not to break

I contemplate class
quiet on the pin-striped couch
stitch deliberately
cutting thread with teeth

I accidentally snap branches
apple picking
and dance to avoid smashing
endearing little slugs

I pull up lavander
and rub it into dog’s collar
inhale its familiar scent
and am reminded of your fur

clapping boots on pavement
I sing a little song about you
watching dusk on the overpass
forget it on my way home

cats watch me rinse blood in the sink
I let it back into the ocean
to be pulled by the tide
or at least enjoy the idea

I venture carefully into bushes
dog at my feet
cradle the delicate berries
all the way home

I write and re-write
a fool if I tell you
(a fool if I don’t)
unfinished poems pile:

…a light manifested timeline of you
now with little pin holes of me
which my light shines through…

…tonight I walked past the bed of a truck
where you stood so matter of fact
realized you dilated something in me
and I don’t like to frame things that way
“you did this to me”
but the thought of you inspires new things
hidden things
brilliant, deeply hidden things…

like this one
and uneven

what I mean to say is
a friend once told me I was pretty
like a raspberry
I want you to know you are beautiful
like a blackberry


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